Is Fuel System Cleaning A Waste Of Money?


What's That Leak? An In-Depth Look into Different Kinds of Automotive Leaks

If you notice a fluid leak under your vehicle, it's probably time to visit your mechanic. And knowing what's leaking from your car is always essential because it helps you know what to expect concerning repairs. However, numerous systems in your car rely on different kinds of fluids, so it can be challenging to pinpoint the culprit. Here are some common fluid leaks yo

Car Care: 4 Signs The Air Conditioning Needs A Service

Air conditioning helps you stay comfortable when driving or when stuck in traffic. It keeps your car cool on hot days and helps demist the windscreen on cold days, but when it isn't working as well as it should, it can cause problems and leave you struggling to control the temperature and moisture levels in your car. To keep your air conditioning in good working order

Do You Need to Flush Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning System?

If the air conditioning system fitted to your car or van is to work properly for an extended period of time, it will need to be serviced when required. As you may know, a technician may recharge the refrigerant to ensure that it is capable of performing its task, but did you know that they may have to flush the system as well, to get rid of any contamination? Why is t

Fundamental Strategies to Keep Your Automatic Transmissions in Perfect Shape

Driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission is so easy and enjoyable to many people across the world. It provides an incredible driving pleasure. Automatic transmissions are everywhere in recent times because of their convenience. They allow the driver to focus on the condition of the road and speed of the car.  However, failure to take care of your automati

Your Essential Car Engine Maintenance Guide

Owning a personal car can make commuting convenient and stress-free for you, but it also means you'll have to meet the maintenance and repair needs of the vehicle in order to keep it running at its peak all the time. If you've recently bought your first car — be that used or brand new — you should learn how to take proper care of your engine to avoid potential vehicle