Is Fuel System Cleaning A Waste Of Money?

An Easy and Efficient Way to Maintain Your Company's Fleet of Vehicles

The ongoing maintenance of your company's vehicle fleet can be a somewhat costly exercise. It's an undeniably necessary expense to ensure the efficiency and commensurate continuing safety of the vehicles, and it can also be a requirement for your insurance policy. Still, it would be beneficial to be able to have regular maintenance that is both efficient and relatively inexpensive. A hydrogen carbon clean of the vehicles' engines during a comprehensive logbook service appointment will achieve this result. It's a refreshingly uncomplicated process and one that achieves quick results. But what is involved in the process?

A Straightforward Process

The hydrogen carbon cleaning machine resembles a small, wheeled trolley and is arguably similar in size and shape to the meal trolley used on airlines. The hydrogen hose is attached to the vehicle's air intake valve, and the carbon cleaning machine is then connected to the vehicle's battery. The machine is now ready for activation, with the duration of operation depending on the size and type of vehicle. That's essentially it, and the machine runs the necessary cleaning cycle before deactivating itself. But what actually happens during this cleaning cycle?

An Exhaustive Cleaning Cycle

Hydrogen pulses through the vehicle's internal components and cleans as it goes. Sparkplugs, injectors, the internal valves, the exhaust manifold and the combustion chamber all receive a thorough cleaning. The catalytic converter (or the diesel particle filter) are also cleaned. It's a process that results in an exhaustive cleaning of the vehicle's essential internal components, all at once.

The End Results

The removal of carbon deposits results in an engine that runs with greater efficiency (also reducing the vehicle's carbon emissions) while restoring horsepower due to the fact that the process minimises friction within the engine's moving parts. A regular hydrogen carbon clean can also increase the engine's life, thus potentially extending the time before an individual vehicle needs to be replaced.

A Portable Service

Many mechanics offer a hydrogen carbon clean, and it's just a case of finding a provider in your area who has the necessary equipment. The equipment itself is portable, so it can even be possible for the mechanic to perform the process on your premises, while also making an inspection of the vehicle's other components. The frequency of the service will depend on the manufacturer and age of the vehicle.

This process can be wonderfully efficient in both its ease and effectiveness, and it can be as simple as finding a local mechanic who is able to provide the service.