Is Fuel System Cleaning A Waste Of Money?


How to Look After Your Car's Critical Cooling System

If you want your car or truck to serve you faithfully throughout the season ahead, you need to pay particular attention to its cooling system. After all, if you can't cool down that engine when it gets to 2500°C at full speed, it will quickly fail and leave you with a costly repair bill. So, how can you ensure that the most important part of this system — the radiator

Why a Faulty Wheel Bearing Is a Major Cause of Concern

A wheel bearing is a miraculous device. It's a relatively small component that has to put up with great pressure and stress as it forms the interface between your vehicle's suspension and its moving wheel. Don't underestimate the importance of maintaining these bearings and ensuring they do not suddenly fail. Why is this crucial, and what should you be looking out for

Automatic Transmission Service Ahead? What to Ask Your Technician

If an automatic transmission system is to work correctly, the hydraulic fluid must be pushed through a series of interconnected parts to create a pressure differential. Much of this work takes place within the torque converter mechanism, where you'll find a series of clutches and gears that need to be well lubricated for the process to take place as expected. Yet this

If You Can't Cool Down When Driving, Should You Blame the Condenser?

If you have owned your car for some time, you may have enjoyed frosty air conditioning for many years without issue. But all good things seem to come to an end, and currently, you may be overheating behind the wheel instead as you deal with rush-hour traffic. While many different individual components are involved, one of the first places to look should be the condens

4 Crucial Things to Keep an Eye on and Avoid Significant Engine Damage and Costly Mechanical Repairs

Engine failure is something you don't want to happen to your vehicle. It will not only inconvenience you but also cost you a lot of money. Luckily, you can prevent significant engine damage if you keep a close eye on what happens to your car while you are driving. Being informed regarding mechanical repairs and maintenance can be helpful. Here are four primary causes