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4 Signs That Your Oil Cooler Gasket Needs Repair

For safe driving, you must ensure your car is in the best condition at all times. That entails carrying out maintenance checks at the recommended intervals and repairing faults as soon as they appear. In the same way, changing your oil at the required time and timely oil cooler repairs will keep your engine in the best shape possible.

Otherwise, without proper maintenance, your engine will wear down quickly and lead to engine failure. Keep in mind that replacing the engine is quite costly and time-consuming. For that reason, you should look out for signs of oil cooling gasket damage and have them fixed instantly. Below are four signs that your car is due for oil cooler repairs

1. Oil Leaks

One of the signs of a damaged oil cooler is the presence of oil underneath the car when parked. When the oil cooler fails, it cannot hold the oil in, allowing it to leak out. An oil leak causes a reduction in the engine oil levels. If you drive the vehicle without sufficient engine oil, you might experience engine failure. Therefore, any time you detect an oil leakage, it is vital to have the car checked. That way, you will protect the engine from potential damage that could require a costlier repair or replacement. 

2. Black Smoke

Black smoke from the exhaust is an indication of something wrong that needs checking. Though other vehicle issues can cause black smoke, it could also result from oil leaking into the combustion chamber. The oil leak might end up damaging the engine. Furthermore, these black fumes are dangerous when inhaled and pollute the environment. So, take your car to the auto service station for air cooler repairs when you notice a strange colour in the exhaust fumes. 

3. Overheating Engine

Oil circulates through the car engine to keep it cool and prevent it from overheating. Therefore, when there is an oil leak, the engine will not receive enough oil to cool down. When your engine begins to heat up more than usual, it is time to schedule oil cooler repairs. 

4. Decreased Engine Performance

When your car begins to experience poor acceleration, the oil cooling gasket could be faulty. Moreover, the vehicle will not reach its optimal speed however much you accelerate it. If you notice such signs, it is best not to ignore them. Inspecting the car and repairing the oil gasket will enhance the performance of the engine. 

Your vehicle relies on the engine to run effectively. Thus, timely oil cooler repairs will go a long way in enhancing the engine's performance and protecting it from potential damage.