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When Did You Check Your Tyres Last? Why You Must Be Aware of Delamination

Have you ever driven along a motorway and had to swerve to avoid part of a lorry tyre? This is far from unusual, but you may have wondered how this could happen and what was wrong with that tyre in the first place. While it's true to say that this phenomenon is more prevalent in the trucking industry, it is something that every should driver should be concerned about. What do you need to know about delamination, and how it could affect your car if you're not careful?

Internal Failure

Delamination, in basic terms, occurs when the individual parts of a tyre separate. There are many reasons why this could happen, but typically, an overloaded lorry would be suspect.

Built to Last

When manufacturers develop an individual tyre, they will add together a variety of different components, also known as belts. These are fused together using a particular process before the technicians apply the final layer or the tread. All of these belts are then contained within the cover and connected to the sidewall to finish everything off.

Normally, a good tyre will maintain its integrity throughout its life. Certainly, the tread will wear down as is to be expected, but the tyre should nevertheless maintain its composure at high speed.

Not Paying Attention

However, if you do not pay attention to maintenance and have not checked inflation for some time, you could develop a problem. If you under or overinflate the tyre and then drive at prolonged speeds, high or low spots will develop along the circumference. The temperature of the tyre will increase rapidly, and this will cause stress points throughout the cover. Eventually, the individual seals will start to tear apart and the belts will begin to separate.

Disaster Awaits

Should a tyre delaminate, it will literally fall apart. The outer tread will be the first to go, and if this were to happen on the typical family car, it would be catastrophic. Remember, heavy lorries typically have several different axles and many wheels. In this case, there is not so much at stake should an individual tyre delaminate.

Being Aware

Always check the condition of your tyres before you drive. Look around the sidewall and especially towards the edge, where it meets the tread. If you see a crack, this could be a sign of delamination, and you should take the vehicle in to be serviced as soon as possible.

To learn more, contact a tyre shop.