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Are the Alloy Wheels Fitted to Your Car Still in Good Condition?

Car manufacturers put a great deal of effort into vehicle design, to make sure that they are not only efficient and aerodynamic but that they look good to consumers as well. If the vehicle is a sporty model and aimed at the true enthusiast, then they will usually fit a nice set of alloy wheels as well, to round it all off and seal the deal. However, these wheels can be vulnerable to damage and this may not always be obvious, so if you have a car like this, what steps should you take?

Alloy Wheel Strength

Aluminium alloy wheels are lightweight when compared to the more conventional solution, and while they will put up with a fair amount of abuse, they can, nevertheless, crack. As technicians will typically fit them to low profile tyres in this situation, you may face even more of a challenge, as the wheel rim itself is much closer to the ground.

Furthermore, the outer side of the wheel tends to be stronger than the inner. Engineers add the spokes to this side for aesthetic purposes, but this leaves the other side of the wheel rather exposed.

Picking up Damage

If you drive over a particularly deep pothole, you will undoubtedly notice and will probably curse the road maintenance team at the time. You may then have a quick look at the outside of the wheels and the security of the tyre but may not notice anything untoward. Unfortunately, there may be a crack in the rear of the alloy wheel, and if left in this state, it could eventually fail. The crack could spread in the weeks to come, and this could lead to a sudden deflation, with obvious consequences.

Repair Options

It is possible to repair alloy wheels, and they can be welded and carefully reshaped if the crack is not too severe. However, you will need to check the tyres periodically to see if there is any damage in the first place and should schedule a regular visit to your mechanic.

Getting into the Habit

Very few people take the time to look at the rear of their wheels and tyres to see if there is any damage, but this is an essential part of preventative maintenance. If you've gone to the effort of buying a sports car fitted with this type of expensive wheel, it makes sense for you to keep an eye on your investment and avoid any future failure.

For more information on alloy wheels, reach out to an auto service near you.