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Essential Car Services Necessary to Keep Your Automatic Transmission Healthy

Like the transmissions in manual cars, automatic transmissions work by delivering the power of the engine to the drive wheels. This action provides the torque and speeds required to optimise vehicle performance in different driving situations. Unlike in manual cars, however, gear changes in automatic cars occur without any input from the driver. 

Automatic cars don't come with a clutch for drivers to shift gears manually. The transmission does this automatically through the use of a complex system of hydraulics and mechanics. Because of the hard work that they do, automatic transmissions should be serviced regularly to preserve their performance and lifespan. 

Here are some essential auto transmission services that should be performed as part of routine vehicle maintenance. 

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

An automatic transmission comprises many running parts that are designed to maximise the vehicle engine's output. During vehicle operation, friction may occur between transmission parts that come into contact with each other. This can accelerate the wear of parts and also generate excessive heat, which may cause costly damage to your transmission.

Because of the tremendous amount of stresses placed on the transmission, a special motor fluid called the automatic transmission fluid is used to lubricate the gears and keep them cool.

Over time, however, this fluid becomes contaminated and degrades. When this happens, it loses its qualities and efficiency. Making sure the fluid is changed at the correct intervals is essential to avoid premature wear and damage to the transmission.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

For your automatic transmission fluid to do its job efficiently, it has to be kept clean for as long as possible. That is why your automatic transmission has a filter that helps to catch abrasive dirt particles and prevent them from contaminating your transmission fluid.

Over time, the filter will get clogged with dirt and will no longer be effective at its job of keeping foreign particles out of the transmission fluid. This can lead to transmission overheating, which can cause expensive damage to your transmission.

Removing dirty transmission filters and replacing them with new ones can help to keep your automatic transmission healthy for a long time.

Unless you are experienced in working on cars, you should let a professional mechanic handle all your automatic transmission servicing needs. As they have worked on many cars that are similar to yours, they'll know what to do to keep your automatic transmission in top shape.