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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Brake Linings and Drums on Your Bus Fleet

Operators of small bus companies need to pay constant attention to repairs and maintenance to ensure that they keep their fleet on the road, earn sufficient revenues and, crucially, keep their passengers happy. This latter element is particularly important and can be an issue if any problem becomes apparent during operation. What should you do if one of your vehicles starts to emit a strange noise during deceleration?

Braking Efficiency

Whenever a passenger boards a bus, they want to make sure that they get from point to point efficiently and safely. They may well be familiar with how the vehicle should operate and how it should sound, and if there is anything untoward, they'll quickly take notice. In this case, an emerging issue with the brakes may create a squealing or grinding noise whenever the vehicle is going down an incline. This is probably due to brake shoe degradation and will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Linings and Drums

Typically, a bus will be equipped with brake shoes and drums, and they are designed to last for a certain amount of time. They may wear out more quickly on the rear axle as they'll have to deal with a lot more weight associated with the transmission. However, the linings may deteriorate to such an extent that, in the worst-case scenario, they may come adrift from the brake shoe itself. They may also wear away at the surrounding drum, and when this happens, the interior will take on a glazed appearance. An uneven surface like this is guaranteed to cause that grinding or scraping noise and especially when under heavy use.

Resurfacing and Mating

To fix the problem, the brake drums themselves will have to be removed from the vehicle and machined so that the surface is once again smooth. At the same time, the linings will need to be replaced and bedded in before the vehicle can be returned to service. To achieve this, the mechanic will need to take the vehicle out for a road test and will apply a soft but constant pressure to the pedal. This will help to "mate" the linings with the newly refurbished drum so that everything will work efficiently once more. Crucially, this will get rid of that strange noise and keep those passengers happy.

Quick Action Required

If your brakes are trying to tell you something don't delay any further. Make sure that you get your bus in for a bus repair as soon as possible.