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Are Your Car's Engine Mountings Due for a Change?

A typical car service will include the familiar items, such as oil filter, air filter, engine oil, brake pads and shoes. All of these components are, of course, disposable and will simply wear out as time goes by. Yet other parts may need attention as well and are frequently overlooked by the average motorist. Some of these parts are out of sight and may be out of mind, but they will nevertheless need to be addressed in due course. What is one area in particular that is frequently overlooked?

Holding Everything in Place

The engine is the heaviest component in a typical car or truck and has to be carefully installed so that it can work correctly. This requires several independent and specially designed mountings that are designed to hold the engine in place while it is turning at maximum revolution. The engine is, in turn, connected to the gearbox and transmission, which will also need to be mounted carefully, and there will need to be a certain amount of free play if everything is to work correctly. The whole assembly will need to move, even if this is only a very small amount, to take into account momentum, torsion and torque.

Mountings and Pressure

The engine mountings are typically made from reinforced rubber held within a metal casing. This rubber provides flexibility but is sufficiently strong to keep the entire unit under control. Nevertheless, this resistance will cause degradation over time, and the rubber mounting will need to be replaced at certain intervals.

Tricky Task

Remember, they may be three or even four mounting points where the engine and gearbox assembly is bolted to the subframe or chassis of the vehicle. These will need to be inspected for wear and tear and replaced as needed. Of course, this is not a small job as the engine will need to be lifted up and held securely before the mountings can be changed. It's not a task to be attempted at home but should be added to the list whenever you take the vehicle in for a service.

How to Know

If you notice that the vehicle seems to shake during deceleration or there is a lot more vibration than there used to be, this could be a sign that the engine mountings need to be serviced. Take the vehicle to a technician as soon as you come across this type of reaction.

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